Monday, October 4, 2010

The Epicenters of Terrorism

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: The Epicenters of Terrorism
There is a popular concept that the root of islamic terror in the modern world lies in the fascist and litteral interpretation of Islam's holy books - the Koran and the Hadiths, by people often devoid of even the basic education that people in the civilized world receive at elementary school level.  This is however not a complete representation of the truth.  Otherwise, there would be no reason to explain how scientists, doctors, and lawyers are also involved in the preparation and execution of terrorist campaigns throughout the world.

The fact of the matter is that Islamic fundamentalism is nothing new, albeit in the middle ages, it was mainly people of no formal education (feudal warlords, berbers, corsairs etc) who engaged in worldwide conquest in the name of Islam, i.e. Jihad.  Well, they were stopped by various people - by the mercenary forces at the gates of Vienna, by the Hospitalier Knights in Malta, by the Rajputs, Marathas and Sikhs in South Asia, by the Chinese, by the Russians in the Caucasus and all those non-descript people who refused to be subdued by the fascist ideologies promulgated under the Islamic Caliphate.  If it was not for these people, our world today would have been a desolate world with rampant child abuse, women battering, mercy killings, slave trading and so on and so forth.

However, the present world is a different story.  The same illiterate Islamic populace cannot wage wars like they used to in the past, simply because the world is more complex than a flat flying carpet and the civilized nations have much better defence logistics in place to deal with a horde of barbarians.  The game has changed.  Which is why Islamic extremism needs new blood, military muscle and dollars to subdue the world. 

As far as the dollars are concerned, no problem.  Saudi Arabia is the motherland of all terro-dollars that can be used to finance the global Jihad.  But the main problem is this: Arabia has been, and still is a third world country with a highly undecuated population.  Arabs are not known for their work ethic, their intelligence or their ingenuity.  In fact, most of the greatest works produced during the Islamic "Golden Age" were by Persians (who are a world apart from Arabs, and who were forcefully converted to Islam through coercion, dhimmitude, genocide, rapes and enslavement).  To this day, Arabland is still the same except for the oil.  So they have money, but nothing much else.

Where in the world would the Arabs be able to find the new blood, the military muscle required to help them in "Ghazwa-E-Duniya" (world islamic conquest)?  Well, it would certainly have to be from an Arab-loving country.  That country as we know it is Pakistan.  Formed from the remnants of the British Colonization of India, Pakistan was created on the sole basis of religion.  The people themselves are descendants of the Hindus from the great Indus Valley civilization, whose ancestors were forcefully converted (just like the Persians - refer above) to Islam by invading arab/turk armies.  They are exactly similar to their brethrens in Northern India, speak the same language, but differ in religion and live with a very tangible inferiority complex.  They advocate themselves as descendants of the great Arab rulers (who are they kidding? they are Indians, except for the experiment that went hay-wire: Pakistan) and love Arabs to the point of obsession.  They were poor, as the British did not leave much for the subcontinent and needed to assert their identity and islamic ideals, and for this they needed - yes you guessed it right - dollars.

The royals of Saudi Arabia saw in experimental Pakistan the opportunity of a lifetime, or of several lifetimes starting from the Islamic Caliphate's decline beginning from the siege of Vienna.  Pakistan was the world's largest non-arab muslim population in the world and had unconditional love for the Arabs.  The rest is history.  Terro Dollars starting flowing into Pakistan for a specific reason: Pakistan represented the best hope for the muslim world to restart global Jihad.  For once, they were not Arabs; they hailed from an Indian civilization that was ingenious, hard working and above all easy to manipulate.  The Arabs invested heavily in the project Pakistan.

The return on investment? Pakistan has the largest number of university level graduates and professionals in the muslim world (that's just because of the sheer size, they still are a shame in terms of percentage of the population).  Pakistan got the Islamic world what it always had dreamed of: the Islamic Hydrogen Bomb.  Pakistan boasts the highest number of madrassas that teach Wahhabism in the world.  Pakistan has the biggest and most potent military of all muslim nations.  Pakistan has become the military arm, the sword of the Islamic Caliphate, whose office lies in Riyadh. 

With the Pakistan experiment, Saudi Arabia was able to do two things.  First, acquire the most prized weapon in the history of mankind, the h-bomb.  At the same time, it was able to still get terro dollars from Americans and the rest of the world since for us, Saudi Arabia was nothing but a corrupt monarchy where the royals were bent on making tons of money by selling petroleum to the world.  The facade worked well: it was not Saudi Arabia after all who was building the bomb, it was Pakistan.  We know better now...  9/11 taught us what those Saudis were really up to.

Indoctrinated with extreme fundamentalism from the Arabs, the Pakistanis soon forgot the secular ideals of Jinnah, the creator of Pakistan and started madrassas at every street corner to teach an army of jihadists the concept of martyrdom in Islam's name so that they can go on to wage global Jihad in India and the rest of the world.

Well, graduation time came for these madrassas.  Just like a fungus spreads millions of spores an each one of them turns into another fungus, Pakistan's madrassas have bloomed with a hundreds of thousands of youngsters whose primary objective in life is to die in Allah's name.  They fear nothing, they want nothing but total world conversion and dominance.  The majority of them are jobless, but a sizeable number are professionals with college degrees who whenever given the chance migrate to the civilized world and act as sleepers ready to be fielded to the battlefield upon signal from Islamabad, or from Riyadh, or from the dude hiding in the caves along the Pak-Afghan border.

It is no surprise that Pakistanis have allowed the Taliban and the dude hiding the caves to operate freely in their country - their country is the haven for religious fanaticism.  But global jihad cannot be won solely by war, it has to be won by diplomacy when the adverse forces are too overwhelming to handle, as taught by the prophet.  This is the reason why Pakistan became the US ally in the war on terror - another farce just to avoid facing US wrath and to continue receiving billions of dollars in "aid" to finance its activities.

Make no mistake.  The epicenter of terrorism in the world is not Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran for that matter.  It is Pakistan, which is a direct subject of the Saudis.  Remember, Saudi Terro Dollars + Pakistan = Terrorists Factories churning Jihadists by the thousands and unleashing them onto the civilized world!